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September 26, 2014

2014 All Japan Model & Hobby Show

August 31, 2014

GPod 22: Fiddling Across Japan With Leona Tokutake

Grab your boots and cowboy hat as we go a little country on this episode of the GPod.

August 15, 2014

Exploring Tokyo On The Yamanote Line

For first time visitors to Tokyo, the Yamanote Line offers a fun and convenient way to see the city.

August 11, 2014

GPod 21: My Japanese Husband Thinks I’m Crazy

On this episode of the GPod, Anthony Joh talks to Grace Buchele Mineta about her new comic book, My Japanese Husband Thinks I’m Crazy.

August 4, 2014

Studio Ghibli Announces Closure

Studio Ghibli General Manager, Toshio Suzuki announced on Japanese TV that the famed animation studio will be shutting down.

August 3, 2014

Yokosuka Friendship Day

The Friendship Day event at the Navy base in Yokosuka is a great way for the Japanese community to learn more about the daily lives of their American neighbours.

June 1, 2014

GPod 20: Best Podcasts About Japan

After a short break Anthony Joh is back on the air with another episode of the GPod. On this show he reviews some of the other great podcasts about Japan.

May 15, 2014

8 Common Resume Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Avoid these eight simple resume mistakes to make sure that your resume is seen by hiring managers.

May 13, 2014

Design Festa Gakuten Student Art Exhibition

The Design Festa Gakuten Student Art Festival is open to any student currently enrolled in an educational institution, whether in Japan or abroad.

April 18, 2014

GPod 19: Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast

Mitsugi and Chiaki from the Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast are on the GPod to discuss their top five landmark films that have helped define the world of anime.

April 2, 2014

GPod 18: Teaching English in Japan

In this show we talk about the negatives and positives of teaching English in Japan at a large and small eikaiwa school.

March 19, 2014

Stop Annoying Email Message Alerts From SoftBank

Do you hate the annoying email alert message from SoftBank that shows up every time you get a message?

Follow this simple guide to learn how to turn off the alert and keep your phone spam free.

March 18, 2014

GPod 17: An American Piano

An American Piano is based on the true story of a young Japanese girl who played the piano for POWs during WWII and how it affected their lives.

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