GPod 2: Getting a Job in Japan


November 19, 2013

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Finding a job in Japan can seem like an overwhelming process but it doesn’t have to be. Japan is a very systematic country and knowing the correct procedure can make all the difference in how quickly you land a job.

On this episode of the GPod we talk to Byron Jones from Top Grade Japan, who started off as an English teacher and has now become one of Tokyo’s top recruiters.

He gives us the low down on how to apply for jobs from overseas, the level of Japanese you need to know, tips on understanding Japanese work culture, and more.

If you want to work in Japan but do not know where to get started this interview will give you the pointers you need.

We also talk to Reno Tibke from Akihabara News about the latest tech in Japan. Reno takes a look at Japanese web design and why is looks so different from what we see in the west.


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