Tokyo Snowpocalypse 2014!


February 8, 2014

It was predicted to be the largest snowfall to hit Tokyo in the last 20 years! While it started off lightly early Saturday morning by the afternoon it was coming down heavily and soon a thick layer of snow had blanketed the city.

The Japan Meteorological Agency reported that this was the largest snowfall in Tokyo since 1998. Tokyo Electric Power Company also reported about 13,300 blackouts in Tokyo as demand rose as temperatures dropped. Both Japan Airlines and ANA cancelled domestic and international flights, leaving passengers stranded at the airport.

The best way to deal with the snow is to stay inside, crawl under the kotatsu and watch some GaijinPot videos ;)


















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  • Lisa

    Gorgeous photos!

    • Anthony Joh

      Thanks Lisa :)

  • Dereko92

    Great photos! I miss the snow

    • Anthony Joh

      Thanks @dereko92:disqus :)

  • Elizabeth

    In Sapporo, we call a day like today…. “Saturday” :D

    (Though admittedly, the city is rather more used to it)

    • Anthony Joh

      lol! Hate to see what you guys would call a snow storm ;)

  • linda lombardi

    These are beautiful, but unlike other beautiful photos of Tokyo, don’t make me want to be there.

    Do they not have any snowplows for the streets in Tokyo?

    • Anthony Joh

      I don’t think so. The snow doesn’t seem to stick around for long. Already today it’s melting fast outside.

      • Kittie Kat

        I think its also more likely that the get cold weather over snow… I dont thing they get much of anything for snow… probably only a light dusting at most

  • Katarina

    Great photos! Really Beautiful..

  • Julius Capinianes Gotingco

    Awesome shots… Sugoi!!!

  • Indra Riyanto

    I happened to be in Chiba at the time, from warm Friday afternoon, the temperature drops rapidly through the night, and when I open the apato doors, there’s a lot of soft white piles at the doorstep and stairs for the cold Saturday morning.
    Even worse, I narrowly escaped the Saturday afternoon blizzard at Akihabara, taking 2 hours to return to Chiba

  • CJ Takeda

    You wowed me, Anthony.

  • Forrester

    Why’re the girls wearing short skirts when snowing?

  • Jessica Barton

    I occurred to be in Chiba at the time, from heated Weekend mid-day, the heat range falls quickly through the night, and when I start the apato gates, there’s a lot of smooth white-colored heaps at the front door and stairways for the cool Fun.

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