10 Best Photos Submitted So Far For Our Wi-Fi Giveaway

On September 9, 2017

Docomo Wifi for Visitors

We’re already halfway through our Instagram photo contest in collaboration with docomo and have seen some stellar entries so far — all spreading the love for Japan and giving us the feels, as they say. If you haven’t heard, submissions are in for a chance to win three weeks’ worth of free Wi-Fi with docomo Wi-Fi for visitors, a premium service that securely connects you to more than 100,000 hotspots across the country. To enter, it’s simply a matter of sharing your favorite Japan travel photo, captioning it with one thing that you love about Japan then tagging it #docomowififorvisitors so we can see it!

By way of appreciation for all the entries so far (and since winners are picked at random) we wanted to share, in no particular order, some of our favorites so far.

1. Marathon man @runner_thursfield says he loves exploring the many magical places around Japan including temples and shrines such as this one, the definition of the  “extra” meme trend:

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Love exploring the many magical places around Japan. Temples and Shrines are favorites. One of my favourite pictures from my recent trip to Japan. Location Kinkaku-ji, Kyoto #travel #japan🇯🇵 #japan #日本 #京都 #docomowififorvisitors

A post shared by Daniel Thursfield 🇸🇪 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (@runner_thursfield) on

2. As a big fan of the neon signs, @Car0lk  captured this shot of one Japan’s most famous:

Thing I like most about Japan: the neon signs #contest #docomowififorvisitors

A post shared by Carol Kim (@car0lk) on

3. One of our first Wi-Fi winners, @sophier1234 , snapped this pic in Iidabashi station, saying that she loves “the beauty of the everyday scenery of Japan.” We couldn’t agree more.

I love the beauty of the everyday scenery of Japan, even the underground stations are beautiful #Japan #travels #tokyo #docomowififorvisitors

A post shared by SophieR123 (@sophier1234) on

4. Hiroyuki @tmkhryk tagged this summer shot of clamming in Okinawa, one of his favorite things to do in Japan!

clamming in OKINAWA #docomowififorvisitors #dwfv

A post shared by Hiroyuki Tamaki (@tmkhryk) on

5. Dutch traveler @lady_hotaru shared this poignant memory of cherry blossoms from her last trip to Japan, captioning it: “Can’t wait to visit again and make another photo of this exact tree.”


6. Foodie @majvilhelmiina made this sushi plate. She just landed in Japan and happily is on more eating adventures!


7. Traveler @grantwall took this feline portrait in Tashirojima when exploring off the beaten track, one of his favorite things to do. Also: cats!

Throwback to last winter in Tashirojima. Loved getting to explore outside of the busy city. Plus… CATS! #docomowififorvisitors #cats #japan

A post shared by Grant (@grantwall) on

8. It’s always nice to hear stories like this one from @jacq_tanoto who climbed a mountain in the middle of the night and made some unforgettable memories.

Climbed the mountain in the middle of the night, with no preparations, not even a flashlight, we use only our phone's flash light, most are almost dead, took us almost an hour to climb, and almost gave up mid way, but when we get to the top of Daimonji mountain, it was worth it! The night view of kyoto on top of the mountain is breathtaking, I'll never forget this moment #kakehashiprogram #docomowififorvisitors #jacqsmunchiesgoestojapan #daimonji #midnighthiking

A post shared by Jacqueline Tanoto S.I.Kom (@jacq_tanoto) on

9. Simply a great shot from user @janice_unwanted taken at Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku.

A little chit chat while waiting for customers' order. #cool #kawaiimonstercafe #gaijinpot #japanloverme #_photo_japan_ #kawaii #harajuku #shinjuku #tokyo #japan #unicorn ##docomowififorvisitors

A post shared by janice_wanted (@janice__wanted) on

10. *Heart eyes emoji* for this adorable shot from second-round winner @lukejbradshaw and his wife who are big fans of the ¥100 sushi. Who isn’t?


There are still two weeks to go and 11 more winners to be blessed with unlimited internet access for their trip. So, if you’re traveling to Japan soon, check it out!

Enter the contest now!

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