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100 Yen Store Beauty Guide

100 Yen Stores offer some of my favorite beauty products, not just because of price, but also quality.

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It started out as just fun experimenting. At only 100 Yen per item, how could I go wrong? What ensued was an obsession and dependence on the following items that I cannot live without. And at this price, it’s a habit I can live with!

Heel Sleeve


My heels are a dry, cracked mess in the winter. I put some lotion on under the heel sleeve, which seals in moisture, and in no time, my feet are smooth again!

Horse Fat Hand and Foot Cream

A great product if you need a moisturizer that is thick like butter. Works great with the above mentioned Heel Sleeve.

Sake Lotion

Using Sake in skincare is an age-old trick Japanese women have used. I gave this a shot and what I got was a really refreshing lotion that absorbs well, isn’t sticky, and leaves my skin feeling soft. The formula is thin and watery, so it works best when the weather is humid. When my skin is dry and needs something more moisturizing, I use a facial cloth mask that I will explain below.

Facial Cloth Mask


If you’ve never tried this facial, it looks really silly (a white cloth, with holes for your eyes-nose-mouth, soaked in serum, applied to your face. My husband says I look scary and is always afraid to come near me when I have this on). However, if you’ve ever tried this on, you know how wonderfully luxurious it feels, and your skin feels hydrated and happy after the treatment! I have not noticed a difference between the ones I’ve found in the 100 Yen store and more expensive brands.

Charcoal Face Cleansing Foam

Charcoal is known to act as a magnet to draw out dirt and oil from pores. The 100 Yen stores carry different brands of Charcoal Face Washes that will work wonders. My favorite is the Sumi brand in the orange tube.

Pore Scrubber

Going along with the above, if you need some extra strength, you can pick up a silicone or bristled Pore Scrubber to rub in the cleaning foam.

Oil Blotting Paper


In Japan, Oil Blotting Face Papers (small squares of wax paper that absorb oil and sweat) have frequently come to rescue my skin. I just gently press it on my oily T-zone, and then I look and feel less haphazard without having to touch up with powder. Much lighter to carry around with you than compact makeup, too!

Tea accessories

Beauty is inside, too, and everyone knows that green tea is an excellent antioxidant. I have become accustomed to brewing loose leaf green tea and acquired all of the necessary accessories from the 100 Yen Store: tea pot, tea leaf strainer, even green tea itself. My clumsy self has broken a teapot on more than one occasion, but replacing it doesn’t hurt my budget!

What are some of YOUR 100 Yen Store beauty secrets or finds?

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  • Macarons & Sakura Tea says:

    Thanks for preaching the wonderland that is Daiso. ♡ It’s where I got my precious ceramic bowls and drinking cups with cherry blossoms design and cute lunch/bento boxes. I also love tea and 1/4 of my tea paraphernalia also came from Daiso courtesy of my eonnie who spends like a minimum of 3 hours inside the store.



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