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100 Yen Store Spring Guide

Spring is a good time to accessorize your apartment with fun items from the 100 yen store.

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My family and friends always ask, “Isn’t it expensive to live in Japan?” I always answer, “Heck no! We’ve got the 100 Yen Stores!” Back home in California, there is the DollarTree and 99cent Store, but the products and atmosphere are quite drab.

Many of the 100 yen stores I have frequented in Japan are lively, colorful, and fun – I could get lost in a store forever. So many unique, high-quality, and practical items for 100 Yen that there really is no need to shop anywhere else. And with its vibrant atmosphere, it’s especially fun for Spring shopping!

A 100 Yen Store Guide to Spring:

Make Kawaii Picnic Lunches – With the weather more welcoming, put together picnic lunches that are convenient and cute! You can find well-designed wet towelettes, small sauce containers and tiny dressing bottles, bento box food separators, and Onigiri containers. Worried about keeping your food fresh? As the weather warms up, use a bento box ice cover.

Pack Away the Dreary Winter – If you have lived in Japan, you know that space is tight and winter clothes are bulky. Store away excess clothes in storage bags that fit under your bed; in fact, shrink them first in plastic compression bags. What to do with your winter boots? Use boot clips to keep them upright and wrinkle-free. Finally, get some mothballs to prevent holes in your clothes – an unwanted surprise when you unpack your clothes for next winter.

Indulge in Bright Spring Colors – To bring Spring indoors, turn to the 100 Yen Stores to liven up your living space with vibrant shower curtains, cleaning supplies, towels, cooking supplies, and even toilet paper covers. You can even brighten up your wardrobe with colorful ties, scarves, and hair pieces.

Enjoy the Sunny Outdoors – Put on your new short socks and take a walk without your purse by using a wristband pocket. Use a pedometer to count to 10,000 steps. Dress up your dog and bring him along with you. Find a friend and play badminton. And use a portable picnic seat to rest in your desired spot.

Snack Away Under the Blue Sky – The best thing about 100 Yen Store snacks? You can choose to your heart’s content and not worry about price! A great selection is offered on candy, cookies, Osenbei, and bottled drinks. In fact, drinking from bottles has never been easier with bottle cap holders or straw holders.

Share your favorite Spring-themed 100 Yen items in the comments below!

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