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¥1000 Bus Service from Narita to Tokyo

Cheap, fast and convenient; the Access Narita is a brand new bus service that makes getting to and from the airport easier than ever

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To get to Tokyo from Narita airport there are a number of different options available including train, bus and taxi services. Whether you want to blow your budget on the express luxury limousine bus or are choosing to go local via the somewhat vintage Keisei train line, there’s something for all travelers.

Now there’s a new service called the Be-Transse Access Narita. A comfortable and hassle-free coach service, it’s one of the easiest ways to travel from Narita airport to Tokyo. The Access Narita sets itself apart from other bus services by offering tickets as you board the bus saving time and the effort of booking a ticket in advance.

Available from Terminals 1, 2 and 3 the Access Narita takes passengers to Tokyo station or to Sukiyabashi crossing in Ginza from where you can jump on the train or subway to get to your final destination. When you come out of the airport, look for the blue ‘Access Narita’ signboard.

The ride into Tokyo takes just over an hour and costs only ¥1000 which ranks it among the cheaper ways to get into the city. For kids age 6 – 12, it’s half price, and for the really little ones it’s free. You can just head to the bus stop, put your luggage underneath, hand over your ¥1000 bill to the driver and take a well-earned nap trying not to drool on the person next to you.

To go back to the airport, it’s a similar process. Look out for a blue ‘Access Narita’ sign at Tokyo station or Ginza and get your ticket on the bus. The service runs around three buses per hour so you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a seat. For going to Narita from Tokyo, it is possible though to reserve a seat in advance via their website (in Japanese).

Unlike the trains which start at about 5am and stop around midnight, the Access Narita bus runs for almost 24 hours – great for anyone catching a flight in the early morning or late evening. The early-morning bus from Tokyo to Narita leaves around 4am from Tokyo station or Ginza, while the last bus leaves at 1:20am. There is also a ‘women-only’ bus service around this time. For now, buses from the airport to the city run on only a standard timetable from 7.25 to 22.45. Check the website for the full schedule.

To catch the Access Narita, for Terminal 1, head towards the South Wing exit and to bus stop no.31. For Terminal 2, you can board the bus at either bus stop no. 2 at the North Exit 3 or no. 19 from the Domestic Flights exit. Lastly, if you’re arriving into Terminal 3 head to bus stop no.2 near the bus shelter.

Going back to Narita from Tokyo, look for the JR Highway Bus Platform No.7 outside the Yaesu South Entrance. If you’re boarding from Ginza, the bus stop is near to the Koban (Police Box) at Sukiyabashi crossing.

For more information on where to board, timetables and to learn more about Access Narita, have a look at their website. Happy travels!

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  • Tayyab Qazi says:

    its heard its really convenient and cheap only 1,000yen. I used to travel between Tokyo and Narita Airport by Lamusine Bus costing 3,000 yen.

  • Peter Lackner says:

    Michael, the Access Narita service is permanent and not a seasonal campaign. I used to take the YCAT bus from Yokohama but that costs 3,600yen.

  • Samuel Cossais says:

    Keisei line takes about 1 hour not 3… And for the same price as this bus. But this bus’has the advantage of the hours.

  • Samuel Cossais says:

    3 hours with Keisei, are you serious ?
    I use the Keisei line pretty often, with the standard tokkyu (limited express) it takes 1h10 from Narita airport to Nippori for ¥1030. Unlike the Skyliner which is considered a special express train, there is no extra fare for the tokkyu, which means it is the same price as local or rapid trains). And there is a tokkyu every 20-30min…

  • Macarons & Sakura Tea says:

    This is wonderful news. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • Romjpn says:

    Great to catch those LCC flights that are scheduled very early in the morning.
    Maybe a good thing would be to have additional destinations in Tokyo such as Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Shibuya or Ueno for late arrivals after last trains.

  • Michael Wong says:

    Is this permanent or seasonal?



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