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20 Images that Prove Cherry Blossoms in Japan Make Life Worth Living

Sakura & animal selfies and scenery straight out of a storybook... Here are just a few of our favorite posts so far from the ongoing 2018 GaijinPot Cherry Blossom Contest.

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Cherry blossoms season is fleeting, but Instagram photos are forever. So far there’s a compilation of more than 2,700 photos across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the #GaijinPotSakura tag of cherry blossom (or sakura, in Japanese) photos/vids. And, yes, we’ve checked them all out.

The GaijinPot 2018 Cherry Blossom Contest is still going because even though blossoms are fading in some parts of Japan, they will soon flourish in the northern areas like Tohoku and Hokkaido.

We noticed a few themes emerging among the photos and videos entered in the contest. Here are a few to keep you (and us!) inspired. And don’t forget to keep posting — the contest isn’t over yet! (See here for full contest details and prizes.)

Love & sakura

Sakura petals — wait, no — “love” is in the air… we can feel it all around! Can somebody please rewrite the 2000s rom-com cult classic Love Actually but have it set in Japan during cherry blossom season. People were not shy about showing off their affection, and who could blame them? Afterall, it’s Japan’s most romantic season.

Kissy face.

Can’t help it.

I do.

Love in the time of sakura . . . #GaijinPotSakura

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Animals & Sakura

When we started this contest, it never occurred to us that we’d get so many nifty animal pics with sakura. The only question is, if one of these shots wins the contest, will the photographer split the prize?

Who hasn’t thought about eating sakura — if only the taste matched the smell.

If this isn’t a coincidence…

Even the owls come out for sakura.

#gaijinpotsakura #owlsakura #owl #yoyogipark

A post shared by けむくじゃら (@takeyouroxygen) on

When your dog is more stylish than you, they get to be in the epic sakura shot.

Selfies & sakura

Yeah, go ahead witchya bad self…ies.

Sakura, GoPro and selfies.

Must document.

When the chu-hai sets in…

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Hanami! #gaijinpotsakura

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Me when I finally see them in person…

When a selfie will NOT do it justice.

5,000 sakura points for most creative sakura selfie.

A picnic under cherry blossoms #hanami #shizuoka #gaijinpotsakura

A post shared by Sukanya (@craftcravesandwanderlust) on

Epic scenery & sakura

Just a tiny segment of the magical sakura season all over Japan, if you time your springg trip just right.

Fleeting yet still on point.

Right out of … another world.

Subtle sakura.

Not subtle sakura 😁

The concrete jungle a shade pink.

Tokyo tower!

What more is there to say!

GaijinPot 2018 Cherry Blossom Contest ends in May. We are still accepting photos via social media by using the tag #GaijinPotSakura. The above photos are just taste of what’s been submitted. Winners of the contest will not be chosen until the after the contest closes out on May 13. Even if you are not one of our top winners, your post could still be reposted.

Big thanks to everyone who has submitted so far! 🌸

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