3 Great Companies Hiring in Marketing This Month

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Each month we’ll be publishing our pick of cool and interesting organizations from the GaijinPot jobs board, categorized by industry, that we think make a great place to work.

This November, we’re looking at companies hiring for marketing and sales. So if you’re a promo guru with a secret candy addiction, a sales star keen to package and send Japan’s pop culture to the world, or a karaoke lover/SNS manager dreaming of working in music then check out these opportunities below.

Bigbeat Inc. / 株式会社ビッグビート

  • Industries: Work at BigBeat and you could be involved in: media planning and buying, graphic design production and management, event planning and management, digital production and promotion, CI, VI and brand management, and PR and internal communication —phew!
  • Position Available: Advertising Company Marketing and Sales Support

This B2B advertising company specializes in helping businesses across Asia with conferences and exhibition booth setup, physical creatives and web/digital content creation.

At BigBeat you could find yourself traveling to destinations across Asia on the regular — one of their last business trips was to Jakarta, Indonesia to help a client build a booth for the annual Power-Gen Asia 2018 Conference.

In addition to awesome travel prospects, the company culture is the picture of fun and positivity. At least, that's according to their very active social media accounts. BigBeat throw parties supervised by their one-meter giraffe plushie mascot to celebrate achievements, and also provide a steady supply of sweets for the office (preferred candy available on request).

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MoveFast LLC

  • Industries: Mostly retail-based
  • Position Available: Digital Marketing Manager

MoveFast is a startup that was launched to share the fun of Japanese pop culture with candy, snacks and kawaii merchandise via a subscription box.

Obviously, this genius idea has already started to take the world by storm; they currently cater to subscribers in over 103 countries in the world. Staff are 60% international and 40% Japanese. Given that it's a startup, the structure is flat and the atmosphere is as creative as you'd expect.

On top of their all-you-can-eat snack corner, they also provide free Japanese lessons onsite for staff. Perfect to brush up on your skills while stuffing your face with the best of Japan's edibles daily.

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S2S Inc

  • Industries: You'll be working in music and entertainment
  • Position Available: Full-Time Sales and Marketing Assistant

S2S main business is music — the planning and production of music contents and its sales through physical CDs and digital content on iTunes Store, Amazon, Spotify and so on. Apart from the cool points you'll earn working for a music production company, you'll also get early insight into new artists as S2S also runs its own up and coming label. Releases range from Jazz, Classic and Bossa Nova to House, Dance/EDM and cover songs.

Marketers who love music will get to live and breathe it, promoting the best of indie acts to Japan and the world. Sounds (gettit?!) pretty sweet.

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