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4 Reasons to Download Travel Japan Wi-Fi

No need to login or register to connect, the Travel Japan Wi-Fi app automatically hooks you up with instant Wi-Fi across Japan, as well as travel recommendations, tips, discounts and your own virtual scrapbook.

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Japan is home to many mythological creatures: yokai, tengu and easily-accessible Wi-Fi being only a few examples. But that last one, as any traveler to the land of the rising sun knows all too well, is the most rare and treasured of all. How else are the spontaneous amongst us supposed to track down the nearest cat cafe in Harajuku or book into the best onsen (hot spring) in Shikoku?

That’s why the app wizards (these guys totally exist) have conspired to make Travel Japan Wi-Fi. Not only does it promise to connect you to over 200,000 hotspots in Japan for free but it also provides all the info you could possibly need on arranging your trip in one handy place. Need more convincing? Here’s four reasons to download the app today:

1. Less fuss, no faff: Minimal set up

Picture this: you’ve just visited Shirakawago, a picturesque village in the Japanese countryside. You’ve taken tons of videos and you’ve maxed out your memory from all the pictures you’ve taken. Want to upload some of those to your Google Drive or share your experience with friends and family back home? Easy. Download Travel Japan Wi-Fi and away you go. I had everything set up in under a minute and I was taking notes for this article at the same time. How’s that for efficiency?

2. Take the good with the bad? Nah, I’m only interested in the good

Google may have a treasure trove of Japan-related resources but let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got time to trawl through all that. Travel Japan Wi-Fi not only offers instant internet connection but also personalized suggestions about what to visit in any given area. Love music festivals? I just found a ‘Top 5 Music Festivals’ article in the Explore Japan section. Where’s the best restaurant in Sapporo? Check out the daily Ranking section. Everything on the app gets rated according to a Facebook-style thumbs up or down, meaning minimum effort for maximum enjoyment.

3. Deals, discounts and daily draws

So you’ve got free access to Wi-Fi hotspots and all the information you need to navigate your way around the country in one convenient app. How about being able to log on in Sendai and gain access to coupons that you can use instantly in local stores? Is the infamous Robot Restaurant in Tokyo calling to you but you can’t quite justify the entry fee without a discount? Check out the Offer section for these goodies and daily prize draws that allows users to win anything from fancy limousine transportation from Narita Airport to free kimono rental!

4. Couldn’t fit your scrapbook in your backpack? Start a virtual one!

The Timeline section allows you to keep track of virtual itineraries and save information you might want to use later. For example, you might be chilling on the Osaka subway one day and start surfing around looking for hotels in Okinawa. You can save these in Possible Check Ins on your timeline making it a lot easier when it comes to actually finalizing your plans. The Memory Log saves this for you so you can easily go back to your favourite haunts or whip out the app to give food or accommodation recommendations to friends or fellow travellers.

Things to Know

Attention adventurous types! The app is only downloadable via non-Japanese Apple or Google Play accounts. Also, with any good apps you’ll use time and again: make sure you have a portable battery charger at the ready because the GPS eats through your phone’s energy faster than you can get through a plate of gyoza.

Now, onwards to explore, experience and easily surf your way around Japan with Travel Japan Wi-Fi. Have fun!

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