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5 Must-Have Japanese Kitchen Items to Gift

If you know a food lover, these kitchen items are the perfect gift!

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If you’re like me, gift-giving is one of the hardest parts of the holiday season. While I can’t help everyone, I can offer you some advice for the best kitchen gear. I’ve carefully selected a mix of Japanese kitchen items–everything from popular name-brand appliances to gift set ideas to quirky kitchen gadgets.

Read on to pick out the gift that will work best for the person you’re shopping for this year.

1. Balmuda toaster

The steam used to toast the bread helps to lock in moisture for the most satisfying bite of bread.

Quite possibly the most over-the-top toaster ever, this Balmuda offering produces a perfectly toasted slice of bread every time. With its steam action technology, any piece of bread inserted into this device will not only become crispy on the outside, but its bread interior will also become soft and fluffy as if it’s been freshly baked.

In addition to its toasting ability, this little machine is aesthetically stunning. Its matte design, smooth lines, and small size make it the perfect appliance for any kitchen. It’s not just functional- it’s an appliance you won’t mind leaving on your counter.

There’s a reason this toaster has been a crowd favorite in Japan for the past few years its technology produces great bread, and it looks good while it’s toasting. This gift is a must if you have a bread-lover in your life.

2. Bruno hot plate

This is the perfect gift when you want to buy someone everything–including the kitchen sink!

Easy, no-stove cooking is popular in Japan for its easy cleanup, and the Bruno hot plate is the perfect solution! This hot plate is just for someone who wants some delicious, freshly grilled food without all the trouble and mess of a stovetop. What is amazing about this appliance is that it comes in a variety of fashionable colors and also has multiple different inserts so you can have many different cooking experiences.

As this hot plate is electric, you can simply switch out the inserts depending on what you want to cook. The product comes with a griddle insert, a grill insert and a takoyaki insert. Some models also include a ceramic-coated pot insert, perfect for stewed dishes.

3. Hot pot and hot plate combo

Combination gifts like this one are always a great option if you want to give someone an experience.

Nabe (hotpot) is all the rage in autumn and fall, and an excellent gift for any hot-pot lovers is a nice, quality hot pot combined with a portable gas stove. Combination gifts like this one are always a great option if you are interested in giving someone an experience- with the hot pot and stove on hand, it won’t be easier than planning and preparing your own at-home hot pot meal.

Nabe pots are simply large pots with lids to sit on an open flame. At places like Nitori and Loft, you can get nabe pots suited for IC stoves in case you want to skip the gas stovetop options.

4. Bento box set

Bento boxes can be found at Nitori, Loft, Daiso, Tokyu Hands and other home-good stores.

A bento box set is another thoughtful combination set that everyone will love! Bento boxes are Japanese lunch boxes, and they come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be wrapped with a furoshiki (a square piece of cloth), which can be tied to make a handle for easy portability.

Bento boxes can be found at Nitori, Loft, Tokyu Hands and other home-good stores. Pick the perfect box for your gift, and find a complimentary pair of chopsticks or a utensil set.

Use a furoshiki as a unique gift wrap, and give the whole set the perfect practical yet thoughtful gift. If you need to buy a gift for someone who is eco-friendly or loves showing off their lunch in the office, this is the gift idea for you.

5. Roasted potato maker

As a bonus, it also roasts corn for those warmer summer months.

Finally, our wild-card option. Roasted sweet potatoes are all anyone is eating during the autumn and winter months in Japan, and why shouldn’t they? A roasted sweet potato can be made savory, with creamy sauces or salty toppings or it can be eaten as a sweet treat with just a pat of butter to add some flavor. This root vegetable is such a comforting meal on a cold winter’s day, so the least you can do is make sure your friends and family have access to one at all times.

This can easily be achieved by purchasing a roast potato grill! No need for a giant oven to clog up your counter space. The Ysn roasted potato maker is compact and roasts the perfect potato every time. As a bonus, it also roasts corn for those warmer summer months.

Did this list give you any ideas? Let us know in the comments below.

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