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5 YouTube Channels to Watch for Studying Japanese

It’s never easy to learn a new language, but here are 5 Youtubers to learn Japanese from anywhere.

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It’s no easy feat to learn a new language. Even more so when we’re all busy with work, school or other responsibilities that leave little time for learning. One of the best ways to utilize social media today and to acquire new skills is to set aside time during your commute each day to learn from creators that specialize in what you need—in this case, learning Japanese or ace the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) with the help of YouTubers.

With videos ranging from a minute to longer-form ones that could equal an hour in the classroom with a dedicated grammar lesson, here are five YouTube channels and creators that might be helpful on your language journey.

1. JapanesePod 101

JapanesePod101 is one of the most famous Japanese language learning channels on YouTube. There is a ton of variety on their channel, with videos ranging from learning nursery songs to introductory Japanese.

You can learn how to introduce yourself and basic phrases for beginners. If you’re a bit more advanced, you can brush up on how to join in on practical conversations and Japanese in different situations while following a family recently relocated to Japan.

It’s a great place to start for those looking to embark on their learning journey and even those wanting to recap what they’ve learned and already forgotten. For Star Wars fans, you’ll also be able to learn all the different words used in Star Wars in Japanese to share your love of the franchise with other fans.

2. Study in Daily Japanese

Study in Daily Japanese focuses on learning Japanese in fun everyday situations. This includes slang and explaining vocabulary words in context and when to use which words.

The creators started the channel because they found Japanese a difficult language that would be impossible to learn simply by reading textbooks. They also wanted to make it accessible for all, including those interested in the culture and context.

This channel is perfect for those keen to be fluent in the language and who don’t want to sound too formal. With interesting videos covering topics like why Japanese apologize so much, how to date in Japanese or why “huh” in Japanese means a different thing, it’s a more playful way of learning everyday words that can be used in various situations.

3. Nihongo no Mori

Nihongo no Mori is a channel that focuses on teaching Japanese to the world. They’re known for their videos on tips and tricks to pass the JLPT, especially for those tackling the N3, N2 or N1 levels.

We all know how tricky the JLPT can be, with grammar-related questions that might be difficult even for native speakers to explain the answers to. Still, the channel makes learning fun and engaging and explains answers in detail to make it easier for you to remember and recall on the test day.

For those who want to learn casually, there is a series of videos on learning Japanese with Japanese songs, with them going through the lyrics of popular songs and their meaning.

Fun tip: For those of you looking to pass any kind of test in Japan, ranging from a financial exam to your driver’s license test, there are a ton of YouTube channels dedicated to helping you pass them.

4. Yuko Sensei

We’ve all run into situations doubting if the right particle in this sentence should be “” (o) or a “” (ga). Yuko Sensei’s channel is great for learning beyond particles, Japanese grammar, verbs, and sentence structures so that you can communicate accurately in every situation.

If you’re an aspiring linguist or looking to learn to write the right sentence structure in Japanese or an advanced learner looking to refresh the basics of Japanese grammar, this is the channel for you.

5. Nihongo Dekita Sayaka

Sayaka is a short-video creator focused on teaching everyday Japanese from a casual and also humorous lens. It’s the most light-hearted out of the list, but this might be perfect as a wind-down mini-lesson before resting for the day. Looking just to quickly learn one thing everyday? Start with how to say “I’m hungry,” “Bye” and how to nail Japanese pronunciation by getting the beat right.

There are always a lot of different ways for us to learn a new language. What has been your go-to? Let us know in the comments below.

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