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A Fastpass to Enjoy Fuji Q Highland

How to get most out of Fuji Q Highland

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Most of us know that a trip to a large Japanese amusement park can be expensive, so maximizing your enjoyment while visiting is a smart thing to do! Wasting your time by standing in line for attractions doesn’t sound too great does it?

Here is a compilation of tips and tricks for you to maximize your enjoyment at Fuji Q highland.

Fuji Q Highland (富士急ハイランド) is an amusement park next to Mount Fuji in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi prefecture. It is home to a couple world famous rollercoasters such as the tallest (79m, until 1997 when “Tower of Terror” was opened) and the fastest (172km/h, until 2003 when Top Thrill Dragster was opened). In my recent visit to Fuji Q, I learned that some pre-planning and a pre-purchase can save you a lot of time and money.


Admission tickets and FreePass 

The admission ticket for ¥1300 only gives you admission to the park. A FreePass gives you access to all of the rides of the park (¥4600 for adults).


What can really save your time is getting fast passes, which are tickets that let’s you enter attractions and bypassing the ques. To get a Fastpass, you can buy it at the park, online or preferably at a Lawson or Family Mart convenient store.

You then enter the park directly without having to wait in a long que to buy the tickets manually. This can save you more than an hour of waiting just to get going in your rollercoaster of choice.

Here are a few things you should know about Fast passes:

The price for fast passes is 1000 yen per ride. **I.e. for every ride you want to pass the que you need to provide one Fastpass ticket which will then be voided**

Each person can buy a maximum for 9 passes each.

There will be a long que to buy the passes at the opening of the amusement park, so make sure to position yourself at the Park Entrance #1 to proceed as fast as you can to the Ticket booth near Mos burger and the Panic Clock ride inside the amusement park.

There are only a limited amount of tickets per ride and they run out fast, a guy will go back and forth showing which rides have been sold out.

In general, when going to amusement parks, regardless if you have a fastpass or not, make sure to avoid the busiest days like weekends or national holidays. On a personal note, Eeejanaika and The haunted hospital was one of the scariest attractions I’ve experienced so far.

According to a rollercoaster ranking, Eeejanaika ranks very high in the world and the hospital is regarded by some as the scariest in the world, you need to walk almost 1 kilometre to get through. During rain some of the attractions will close down due to safety reasons.

Essential Equipment:

The weather around Fuji is said to change rapidly, so be prepared for the worst and bring an umbrella. Comfortable shoes or sandals are also important since you will do a lot if standing and walking, be ready to take them off at some of the rides.


Hours: Open from 9:00 am to 21:00 pm
Closed: 2015 5/12, 6/16, 7/14, 10/20, 11/17, 12/8.
2016, 1/19, 2/16
Address: 5-6-1 Shin-Nishihara. Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture 403-0017
Tel: 0555-21-2111
Email: highland@fujikyu.co.jp
Website: https://www.fujiq.jp/en/

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  • Vlad Imir says:

    Wonderful tip on Fuji Q. Just a question: you mentioned that the Fast Pass can be bought online, Lawson and Family Mart apart from at the park. Is this really the case? Because if it is indeed correct, that would save me from anxiety on the passes running out on the day of visit.



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