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A Guide to Halal Food in Japan

Looking for halal food options in Japan as a Muslim resident? Check out our guide to Muslim-friendly restaurants, groceries and tips for a worry-free culinary experience.

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In Japan, there’s lots of tasty food that people love to try. But if you’re a Muslim resident, finding food that fits your religious rules can be tough. Many local dishes might contain ingredients or involve cooking methods that aren’t halal-friendly. Fortunately, Japan has started to recognize the growing demand for halal options.

Yet, there remains a gap in comprehensive guides to help you identify these options easily. That’s where this guide comes in. Designed to support your halal dietary needs, our guide to halal food in Japan enables you to relish Japan’s renowned cuisine without compromising your religious beliefs.

Halal Considerations in Japan

You just have to know where to look.

Halal, meaning “permissible” in Arabic, refers to what is allowed to be consumed under Islamic law. In Japan, it’s important to be aware that some establishments offering halal-certified meals might also serve alcohol to maintain their business, so this might make them haram (forbidden), depending on your views.

There are several types of halal-friendly restaurants you may find:

  • Dedicated Halal Restaurants: These are establishments fully committed to serving only halal food and beverages. They offer a variety of cuisines, from traditional Japanese dishes—prepared with halal-certified ingredients—to international fare such as Turkish, Indian and Indonesian meals.
  • Halal-certified Restaurants: While these eateries may offer a mix of halal and non-halal dishes and beverages, like alcohol, they have sections of their menu devoted to halal options. These restaurants are certified by a recognized authority to ensure the food meets halal standards.
  • Halal-friendly Restaurants: These establishments might not have halal certification but offer dishes that naturally adhere to halal dietary guidelines. For instance, seafood-based meals in many traditional Japanese establishments fit this category.

Japanese Phrases to Ask for Halal

When looking for halal dining options in Japan, using specialized websites or apps like Halal Gourmet Japan can be helpful. Additionally, basic knowledge of Japanese phrases can greatly improve your chances of finding halal food. Here are a few useful phrases to keep in mind:

Japanese Romaji English
ハラル食品はありますか Hararu shokuhin wa arimasu ka? Do you have halal food?
豚肉は食べません butaniku wa tabemasen I don’t eat pork.
これはハラールですか? kore wa hararu desu ka? Is this halal? 
みりんは入っていますか mirin wa haitteimasu ka? Does this contain mirin (rice wine)?
豚肉なしでお願いします butaniku nashi de onegaishimasu No pork, please.

Popular Halal Restaurants in Japan

Delicious halal-chicken ramen.

Discovering halal dining options in Japan has become increasingly feasible, particularly in major cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. Here’s a list of popular halal restaurants to explore in Japan:

Halal Tendon Ginza Itsuki (Tokyo)

Known for its signature dish, tendon (tempura over rice), Halal Tendon Ginza Itsuki strictly adheres to halal standards. It’s a top choice for Muslims who want to experience genuine Japanese tastes while adhering to their dietary guidelines.

Ginza Inz 1, West Ginza Street 3-1, Chuo, Tokyo

Omori Yakiniku Halal (Tokyo)

A haven for meat enthusiasts, this restaurant allows diners to grill their own choice of cuts of meat to perfection. Every item on the menu, from beef to chicken, is halal-certified, making it a sought-after spot for Muslims wanting to enjoy yakiniku (grilled meat) in Tokyo.

1-9-2 Omorikita Street, Ota, Tokyo - Map

Karachi Restaurant (Saitama)

Karachi Restaurant in Saitama provides delicious halal Pakistani dishes. Highlights include chicken biryani (a spicy Indian/Pakistani dish of rice with chicken) and seafood curry, making it a go-to destination if you’re keen on Pakistani cuisine in Japan and also observing halal dietary practices.

Miki Building, 1-7-11 Central Street, Yashio, Saitama - Map

Bumbu Kitchen (Hyogo)

Bumbu Kitchen is an Indonesian eatery that fully observes halal dietary guidelines. If you enjoy richly spiced Indonesian cuisine, this restaurant offers a range of savory snacks to main courses, including chicken satay and Indonesian fried rice.

5-7-10 Kotonoocho Street, Chuo Ward, Kobe, Hyogo - Map

Ramen Honolu (Osaka)

Ramen Honolu in Osaka offers an authentic taste of Japanese noodles that caters to the Muslim community. Its flavorful broth, accompanied by an array of toppings like chicken, eggs, and beef, has earned accolades from Muslim visitors and locals for its authentic taste. Beyond Osaka, the delightful Ramen Honolu can be savored in cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto.

2-5-27 Motomachi Street, Osaka - Map

Cooking Halal Food

Stores will have signs in front when they’re halal-certified.

If you are living in Japan, there are undoubtedly times when you want to cook your meals. Finding a grocery store that offers halal products may be challenging, but you do have multiple avenues for obtaining halal-friendly ingredients, such as:

  • Online Shopping: Online shopping websites like Amanah Halal Mart Online provide a wide range of halal-certified products that can be delivered to your doorstep, making it a convenient option for shopping from home.
  • Specialized Stores: Stores such as Gyomu Super and Life Supermarket offer a variety of halal items, including meats, spices and other cooking essentials.
  • International Supermarkets: Many global chains in urban Japanese locales feature designated halal sections, offering a diverse range of imported goods.

What’s your experience with finding halal food in Japan? Let us know in the comments!

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