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Advance Your Career with a Business Degree from Doshisha University

Take advantage of a unique learning environment with this Global MBA Program in Kyoto.

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Doshisha University was established in Kyoto in 1875 and has since become recognized as one of the top universities in Japan. In 2014, the school introduced the English Global MBA, aiming to propel its graduating students into the world as global leaders who can provide positive contributions to society.

In 2020, the pandemic caused by the coronavirus placed immense pressure on industries worldwide, resulting in global job losses. For those who have been impacted by the virus or who are considering a move into senior management, the Doshisha University Global MBA Program offers a unique opportunity to further your career during these difficult times while standing ready to welcome the same students back to campus as soon as it is safe to do so.

Why choose the Doshisha Global MBA program?

It has become more vital than ever to ensure that skilled, responsible business leaders take on these unprecedented challenges and adapt effectively for future success. We will need innovators with the appropriate skillsets who can make firm decisions to help us navigate major global disruptions—like the one caused by the current pandemic—with a positive outcome.

Students from 74 different nationalities have attended the program since 2009.

The curriculum

Students are expected to start the Global MBA Program by taking a minimum of eight courses to help build a foundational knowledge of key areas in business management. These courses include accounting, marketing, finance, people and organizations, business economics plus strategic and operations management. Other subjects include business and society as well as responsible leadership—both in a global context.

Starting in the second semester, students will undertake an intensive global learning module studying with a renowned visiting professor. This will be supplemented with electives focusing on:

  • Sustainability and green business
  • Culture and creativity
  • Business in Asia

Courses on critical and analytical thinking along with three theses and research projects will need to be completed by the end of the program. 


Sine Phattanaprayoonvong is a second-year MBA student at Doshisha University.

Doshisha University champions diversity. Students from 74 different nationalities have attended the program since 2009. The multicultural learning atmosphere at the heart of the program helps facilitate discourse and contributes unique work and cultural experiences from different countries concerning the study—and practice—of business.

Sine Phattanaprayoonvong (27, Thailand) is a second-year MBA student at Doshisha University. Phattanaprayoonvong is scheduled to graduate in 2021 and currently works as a teaching assistant for the course. She says it was diversity that attracted her to the MBA program: “Discussion in class is interesting because we get the chance to learn about the unique aspects of other cultures and points of view when it comes to business. I also speak Japanese and it’s great that I can study the MBA in Japanese with other Japanese students.”

Doshisha University partners with other like-minded colleges and academies overseas, encouraging its undergraduates to apply to their exchange programs. Once international travel is safe again, students can also spend time studying in Sweden, Germany, China, Taiwan or Indonesia through exchange programs. Likewise, students from those countries will also have the opportunity to study alongside those enrolled in Japan. 

The Global MBA program includes practical training and advice on navigating the job market after graduation. It offers access to free language and culture courses for all levels. This presents a simultaneous opportunity to study in Japanese—a fun challenge that will provide excellent practical language skills required for a successful start to a productive life and career in Japan.

Adapting to new challenges

Kwena Isadore Moabelo graduated from the Doshisha University Global MBA program in 2018 and currently works as head of customer and analytics for Hollard Insurance in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, classes are currently offered through a combination of in-person and online courses, allowing students to choose the safest way to learn. This approach ensures that students do not fall behind due to other commitments and challenges faced as a result of the pandemic, while increasing the opportunities to make connections on a global scale.  

The flexibility that Doshisha University offers is a testament to how the school can adapt—like the future business leaders it trains—to global crises, putting into practice the same business skills taught to students. The current shift between in-person and online classes offers a chance for students outside of Japan to still attend classes at Doshisha University. Those affected by the pandemic who are unable to enter Japan can keep up their studies without falling behind.

Kwena Isadore Moabelo (40, South Africa), graduated from the Global MBA program in 2018 and currently works as a head of customer and analytics for Hollard Insurance in Johannesburg, South Africa. He believes this arrangement lets students break convention and find new ways to connect with others. 

“All that has changed is the actual space because it is now partially or fully online,” says Moabelo. “The power of being able to connect with other students from different parts of the world in the same space is still there.” 

When travel and social distancing restrictions caused by the spread of the coronavirus end, Doshisha University plans on returning to in-person classes. This will allow new and current students to fully experience all the university has to offer while enjoying the historical city of Kyoto.

The current shift between in-person and online classes offers a chance for students outside of Japan to still attend classes at Doshisha University.

The application process

Doshisha University Global MBA students on the school’s Kyoto campus.

Those who are interested in applying may submit a preliminary application. Applications are accepted throughout the year and offer an opportunity to find out more about the course and whether it would be right for you. This process is free of charge and does not commit any applicant to proceed with a full application. 

Events are also held at the university for prospective students to experience studying the Global MBA program at Doshisha. Visit the official website to find out what upcoming events are available.

For more information on the Doshisha University Global MBA program, prospectuses, application guidelines and forms are available here. To read an overview of Doshisha University and the Global MBA Program, read our other post on GaijinPot.

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