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ARC Academy Japanese Language School

Start your new life in Japan with ARC Academy.

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For students looking for a large language school, ARC Academy is the perfect choice. The company has schools offering courses to all the major cities on the main island, from the headquarters in the center of Tokyo, to other schools in Kyoto and Osaka. Its flagship school in Tokyo has a student body consisting of over 600 students representing about 50 different countries.

As you would expect for an academy based in the heart of Japan’s business scene, ARC Academy takes its role as the gateway to this island seriously. ARC Academy offers a range of courses to suit learners regardless of what their future plans are. Naturally, some of their more popular classes focus on doing business in Japan.

For students who aren’t intending to work in Japan, ARC Academy also offers classes designed to help students pass the tricky entrance tests for public and private Japanese universities. Other classes are geared to help post-graduate students with skills such as writing a research plan, taking an interview, and reading and writing theses.

Of course, while ARC Academy can be a great place to start a long-term life in Japan, it is not solely for business and university-bound learners. There are also courses for those that want to study simply to get the most out of their time in Japan.

Because of this diverse student body, the school operates with a work-hard-play-hard attitude. There are lots of opportunities for students to let off steam with the abundant extra-curricular activities, including such things as cultural events, travel opportunities, day trips, and athletics festivals.

Whatever course you are interested in, throughout your studies and beyond, ARC Academy will offer support and help guide their students into jobs or further education in Japan. The outstanding support system starts from the early months of the course; one of its attractions is the seminars that are designed to help students get a part-time job in Japan.

Ultimately ARC academy offers the best of each of the cities that it represents. If you want to use your time in Japan to move into Tokyo’s business world or the international hub of Osaka, then there are plenty of opportunities; or if you prefer the culture and traditions of the Japanese cultural capital Kyoto, there are tons of chances to learn about the ancient Japan that still exists just below the surface of its modern culture. The key thing is that, regardless of their goals, learners are able to take the first step into their future.

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