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We Asked Readers to Describe Japan in Just 2 words

The responses were hilarious, thoughtful, weird and a little angsty. Vote for your favorite!

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How would you describe Japan? GaijinPot asked readers to describe the land of the rising sun in just two words — and more than 1,100 people responded in less than two days. The short replies were declarations of love, bursts of cleverness and almost a form of therapy for some.

These 20 responses reflect the wide range of concepts — thoughtfulness, joy, intensity and in some cases even disdain — conveyed by readers. Feel free to smash that vote button if you agree, or submit your own two words below if you don’t like what you see.

Here’s the original post, if you’d like to read more:

Describe Japan in 2 words and go:

Posted by GaijinPot on Monday, December 4, 2017

Ruxandra Florea contributed to this article.

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