Aaron Baggett

Aaron Baggett is a Tokyo-based writer from North Little Rock, Arkansas. He loves Muay Thai, Godzilla, cats, and explaining why Terminator 2 is the greatest movie ever.



Why You Shouldn’t Go to an Animal Cafe in Japan

Visiting a cat cafe in Japan is a bucket list item for many tourists, but the animal cruelty that goes on behind closed doors should give you pause.

By 5 min read


These Totally Lost in Translation English Signs in Japan Have us Scratching Our Heads

Well-intentioned, but hilariously incorrect English signs in Japan are just the humor we need right now.

By 5 min read


Learning the Way of the Monks in Wakayama Prefecture

Even if you’re not the spiritual type, hiking the Kumano Kodo and staying with the monks of Mount Koya is a fulfilling experience.

By 9 min read


Kanji Cheat Sheet: Using the Ramen Ticket Machine in Japan

Because the longer it takes you to order ramen, the longer it takes to eat it.

By 2 min read


Starbucks Japan’s New Sakura Milk Latte is Sweetness Overload

Okay, the latte isn't that bad, but the Cherry Blossom Milk Pudding Frappuccino is liquid diabetes.

By 3 min read


Four Road Laws in Japan You’ve Probably Broken

Don’t do the crime if you can't do the time, or pay the fine.

By 6 min read


McDonald’s Japan’s Newest Dessert is Literally Called an Adult Cream Pie

Somebody at McDonald’s is either clueless or a marketing genius.

By 4 min read