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Aaron Bell

Aaron runs a small school in the even smaller town of Iwade, Wakayama and tries to cram as much activity into his occasional days off as possible.



Instructor or ALT? 6 Things to Consider

First-time teachers to Japan usually end up in one of two teaching streams. Here are some points to ponder before choosing the eikawa or ALT route.

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5 Ideas for Freshening Up Your Lessons

Try these ideas to give your lessons a boost in fun and excitement.

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How to Write a Killer Cover Letter

A good cover letter is vital in getting you the all important job interview.

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A Kids’ Teaching Primer

Need a crash course in teaching children? Read on.

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7 Tips To Nail That English Teaching Job Interview

Interview advice from the other side of the desk.

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Teacher’s Survival Kit For Teaching Children

Teaching children requires a special kind of patience. Having a survival kit ready can make all the difference between a smooth class and a disruptive one.

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Gaming the Sengoku Jidai

If you don't understand the feudal lords, shifting alliances and uncertain loyalties that make up the history of Japan, a board game can be a fun and memorable way to do so.

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4 Exercises To Break The Ice And Start Your Lesson

Here are four ice-breaker activities that with a little imagination can repackage to suit almost any situation.

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Dealing With Grief In The Classroom

Dealing with a grieving student in the classroom is always a challenge for the teacher. Here's a few tips on dealing with grief in the classroom.

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4 Types of Role Plays for Teaching English

Role plays are an essential tool to have in the teaching box but it pays to be aware of where you want them to go. Here are four types of role plays you can use in the classroom.

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4 Habits of Highly Successful Teachers

Cultivating these habits will go a long way towards making you, your students and your employer happier.

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