Aidan McFarlane

Aidan moved to Tokyo after living in South Korea to pursue a career in design, marketing and copywriting. His hobbies include horror movies, very spicy home cooking, Israeli music and photography.



5 Unmissable Things to Do in Fukuoka

Kyushu's port city is full of delicious food and entertainment, accented with extraordinary natural beauty and a welcoming character. 

By 4 min read


Filled in: How to Start Kintsugi in Japan or Online

Kintsugi encapsulates the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, striving to seek beauty in imperfection. Kintsugi is a distinctively Japanese technique of restoring pottery and ceramics that can be enjoyed by anyone at any skill level.

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Set Up Shop: How to Make an Online Store in Japan

Want to turn your hobby into a side job and sell it online? It’s not only a great way to make a bit of extra cash but also a chance to boost your resume.

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Best Train Lines for Living in Tokyo: The Chuo-Sobu Line

The Chuo-Sobu is one of the finest commuter lines for convenience and affordability. Discover your new home in the heart of Tokyo with this quick guide. 

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5 Effective Resources for Advanced Learners of Japanese

Feeling stuck with your Japanese? Here are some resources to help you cross the intermediate-advanced plateau, learn real-world Japanese and improve your proficiency.

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