Amelie Marie Nishizawa

Amelie-Marie is a French writer living in Tokyo since 2013. When she isn't complaining about the price of cheese in Japan, she likes to talk about its culture and society — and always keeps it punny.



Tweet of the Week #91: A Never Ending Rainy Season


By 3 min read


Tweet of the Week #88: 400 Nurses Resign After Being Told They Won’t Get Their Bonus

Learn how to seek and give advice in Japanese with this week's (maddening) tweet.

By 5 min read


Tweet of the Week #86: Wasabi Farmers Cringe At The Thought of Wasabi-Free Sushi

To wasabi or not to wasabi, that is the question.

By 2 min read


Tweet of the Week #85: Racist NHK Video on US BLM Protests Sparks Outrage

We're not buying that ridiculous 'apology' either.

By 6 min read


Tweet of the Week #83: No, Japan Will Not Pay For Foreign Tourists to Visit

Sorry to rain on your parade, but Japan's Go to Travel campaign is only for domestic tourists.

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Tweet of the Week #82: More Remote Work, More Cat Problems

Move kitty, we're trying to work here!

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