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Andrew Smith

I am an American English teacher living in Japan with a passion for music and adventure. Growing up in a small town in Texas, I never imagined myself living in such an exciting and interesting place. I like to spend my time exploring some of the lesser-known areas of Tokyo and learning about the city's unique culture.



How to Write a Japanese Resume

Follow this step by step guide for writing your Japanese resume.

By 6 min read 8


How Attitudes to Fitness Are Changing in Japan

From bananas to buff: How the fitness scene in Japan is transforming ahead of Tokyo 2020.

By 4 min read 4


4 Ways Living in Japan Can Make You Healthier

And you don't have to like natto.

By 6 min read 1


5 Unique Ways to Get Fit in Japan

And experience the culture while you're doing it.

By 5 min read


Dive into the Heart of Odaiba

A man made island that is home to the world's only full-size Gundam statue.

By 3 min read


The Knock Out World of Woman’s Wrestling

High flying divas of the ring battle it out in the knock out world of Japanese woman's wrestling.

By 4 min read 4


Soaking in the culture at the Kusatsu Onsen

Stepping into one of its many nearby ryokan is almost like stepping back in time at the Kusatsu Onsen.

By 3 min read 2


Moving In Japan Made Easy

Moving house is made easier by that famous Japanese customer service

By 2 min read 2


3 Great Jogging Areas In Tokyo

Stay in shape with these great jogging areas.

By 2 min read 7


Temple Walking Through Onomichi

Whether you’re into history, culture, architecture, hiking, film, or cycling Onomichi is sure to please.

By 2 min read


The Deer of Miyajima and the Rabbits of Okunoshima

The beautiful scenery, historical interest, outdoor activities, and open petting-zoo make Miyajima and Okunoshima a fun stop for anyone.

By 4 min read 2


Climbing the Walls in Tokyo

Bouldering is a fun way to spend the day with friends and unleash your inner Spider-man.

By 2 min read