Annelise Giseburt

Annelise Giseburt grew up in Seattle on the west coast of the U.S.A. and now lives in Hiroshima. She works as a translator, moonlights as a writer and has gained a modest reputation for various reasons that will remain unspecified.



Five Japanese Gag Gift Ideas for Christmas 2019

This nation was made for white elephant parties.

By 3 min read


Netflix’s The Naked Director: A Dodgy Dive into Japanese Porn and “Real” Sex

This semi-biographical ode to Japanese AV does little more than maintain the status quo—but it makes us think while doing so.

By 9 min read


How the October Consumption Tax Hike Will Affect You

Worried about the upcoming increase in consumption tax in Japan? Here's how it might impact your daily life.

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5 of the Most Terrifying Japanese Mascots

Japan's "yuru-chara" are designed to boost the popularity of towns and attractions but these eye-watering designs may have the opposite effect.

By 4 min read


Terrace House Tokyo 2019-2020 Is a Return to Form For the Cult Japanese Reality Show

The first four episodes of the new season explored themes of work and identity — between the potential love triangles, of course.

By 5 min read


The 8 Best Unaired Scenes from ‘Terrace House: Opening New Doors’

Thanks to fansubbers on Reddit, you can now watch many of the previously Japanese-only extra clips in English.

By 7 min read


Terrace House’s first openly LGBT member proves Japan’s ignorance toward sexual minorities

Shunsuke Ikezoe's bravery challenged Japan's implicit “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

By 9 min read


Terrace House reveals dark side of Japan’s attitudes toward consent and women’s sexuality

Seina's quest to find love on reality show Terrace House uncovered some troubling perspectives.

By 10 min read


Binge-worthy Travel: 7 ‘Terrace House’ Locations You Can Visit in Japan

It’s a piece of cake to literally walk into locations from Netflix and Fuji TV’s reality show “Terrace House.”

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