Audrey Foo

From Melbourne, Australia. Was in marketing and media relations in IT, education and the arts; now in government service. Very fond of food but started studying Japanese when she realized she wanted to communicate more than just order her next meal. Blogs at Bites of Oishii.



A Race Across Japan to See its Last Original Castles

A cross-country culture trip through Japanese history was slightly mad but changed the way I travel.

By 8 min read


A Gourmet Guide to Musashino, West Tokyo

Drool over the foodscape in Kichijoji and Musashi Sakai.

By 7 min read


Let’s Eat! 5 Scary Japanese Foods and Why You Should Try Them

To experience the pleasure, you must also brave the pain of Japan’s complex culinary underworld.

By 6 min read


Slices of Japanese Life that Keep me Coming Back for More

The joy of everyday discoveries and bonding with locals over food, glorious food.

By 6 min read