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Casey Hawkins

Casey Hawkins grew up immersed in Australia’s sea, sun and surf culture. She first became a teacher because she was passionate about sharing ideas and experiences. Teaching has led her to explore some unique, remote locations and make friends with people from all walks of life. After traveling to Japan for a 4-week vacation, she knew she needed more time to better understand and appreciate all of Japan’s distinct qualities. She counts her blessings for having had the privilege to meet some of Japan’s most interesting characters and take advantage of the city’s great diversity.



5 Ways to Meet Japanese Locals Without Speaking Japanese

Traveling in Japan? Here's some ways to connect with the locals through shared interests and new experiences.

By 5 min read 1


Japanese Body Language: 7 Key Gestures to Learn

Combat confusion by learning to speak the unspoken language of Japan.

By 5 min read 12


Nikko: A Natural and Cultural Feast for the Eyes, Mind and Soul

Hear Of, Speak Of and See All Of Nikkō During the Year of the Monkey

By 5 min read


Resembling Santa’s North Pole, Shirakawa-go is magnificent under the snow!

Learn how farm people survived and silkworms thrived inside the distinctive Gasshō-zukuri houses of Shirakawa-go.

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Achieve Zen Amongst the Chaos at Tokyo’s Oldest Temple

Leave with instilled kindness and compassion after praying to the goddess of mercy at the Senso-ji Temple.

By 4 min read


Choose Your Own Food Adventure With Okonomiyaki

A modest hearty snack with an appetising regional history.

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