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Elizabeth Sok

Elizabeth is a writer and translator from Canada with a PhD in history. When she’s not running after her little ones, you’ll find her in her garden in Kyushu with a cup of yame-cha and a book.



8 Great Christmas Markets in Japan

Whether you’re in the mood for hot wine, decorations or taking photos in front of a dramatic Christmas tree, the eight markets below, from each region of Japan, have got you covered.

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Top 10 Things to See and Do in Kumamoto City

With a stellar castle, world-class Japanese garden and delectable local food, Kumamoto City is a wonderful choice for your next vacation.

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Spectacular Shikoku and Kyushu Autumn Foliage Illuminations

Autumn illuminations in the scenic parks, gardens and temples below will light up your late fall evenings and are every bit worth a trip south!

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What I Love About Fall in Kyushu

Subtropical Kyushu may not be the place you imagine to have an idyllic autumn. But, if you read on, I hope you’ll be as moved by its loveliness as I am.

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Everything You Need to Know About Japanese Black Tea

Get to know wakoucha, or Japanese black, for a smooth and mellow cup with many health benefits.

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Fun Shibuya Halloween Alternatives in Japan for 2023

With Shibuya out of the Halloween party sites this year, the parades, theme parks and parties listed below will be your new go-to for a night of mid-fall fun. 

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Five Famous Types of Japanese Sweet Potatoes

Get to know some of the most popular (and delicious!) varieties of Japanese sweet potatoes, from the soft and flaky beni azuma to the creamy beni haruka to the mellow and smooth silk-sweet. 

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5 Stunning Fall Flower Gardens in Kyushu

Celebrate some of Kyushu’s best autumn bloom-viewing spots in five gardens in five prefectures, all easily accessible via public transportation.

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5 Autumn Day Trips from Tokyo

Looking for a beautiful day trip this fall? Here are some of the best destinations that showcase Japan's autumn season and changing leaves.

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Kyushu Ceramics: Discover the Beauty and History of Japanese Porcelain

Southern Japan's rich history of cultural exchange is at the heart of the story of Kyushu's ceramic wares, from the first fired up in the country to the contemporary pieces that continue to capture hearts.

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