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Eric La Cara

Managing Partner and Tax Practice Manager for Capital Tax in Tokyo, Eric La Cara is a senior accounting and tax specialist with over 15 years of applied experience in tax strategy, cross-border structuring, accounting, and operational finance. Eric’s chief expertise involves Personal & Corporate tax and tax planning for residents & non-residents in the U.S. and Japan. Specializing in meeting the complex tax needs of globally mobile clients, Eric's client portfolio includes many high net-worth individuals such as professional athletes, Real Estate investors, and Expats. After deciding years ago that sleep was highly overrated, Eric makes time to share his tax knowledge through writing articles and giving tax seminars. In addition to his passion for meeting clients’ tax needs, Eric has developed his skiing interest at over 30 ski resorts in Japan.



Foreign Residents in Japan Can Now Become U.S. CPAs

Today’s accounting profession is more about having the ability to see the bigger picture of a modern business.

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A New Way to Lessen the Blow of Taxes in Japan

The new NISA tax option is something to be seriously investigated by any who are now calling Japan “home.”

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Death & Taxes – No Escape for Americans, even in Japan

The long arm of the IRS extends all the way to Japan and into your pocket.

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Understanding Japan’s New Exit Tax

Congratulations! According to Japan’s tax agency, you might be too rich and need to be relieved of some of that excess money.

By 3 min read 11


FATCA Reporting Requirements For Americans… and Non-Americans

The long arm of the Internal Revenue Service has a global reach.

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How To Protect Your Credit Score While Living Abroad

While you're having fun in Japan, don't forget to take care of your finances back home.

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How To Calculate Your Tax Bill in Japan

It's that time of year again. Here's a quick guide to understanding your tax rate.

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Japan Year-End Tax Adjustments

The key to getting a fat refund is understanding your year end taxes.

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