Frank Striegl

Frank Striegl is a Tokyo native and wannabe photographer and writer. Maniacally obsessed with food, he operates, a blog focused on all things ramen and food related. He also runs food tours in Tokyo. His greatest life achievement is eating six bowls of ramen in one day.



4 Cold Ramen Dishes for the Sweltering Japanese Summer

Bowls of Japan’s famous noodle-based soup don’t always have to be served scalding hot. There are several chilled variations that can be enjoyed in the notoriously hot Japanese summer months.

By 6 min read


Japan’s Top 3 Regional Ramen: Sapporo, Tokyo and Fukuoka

Three iconic cities. Three unique styles of Japanese soul food. We travel to each area and discover what makes miso, shoyu and tonkotsu styles of ramen so distinct.

By 7 min read