Heidi Sarol

Heidi Sarol is a Filipino content creator living in Tokyo. She lives for cheap thrills, hole in the wall cafes, and exploring as much of Japan as she can!



Kanji Cheat Sheet: Using Your Japanese Washing Machine

Is that detergent or fabric softener…? How do I use this freaking Japanese washing machine?

By 1 min read


Kanji Cheat Sheet: How to Navigate the Japanese Train System

Keep calm and find the right station exit with this guide to catching the train in Japan!

By 1 min read


Kanji Cheat Sheet: Buying Cold Medicine in Japan

Fight off that nasty bug with this guide to the most common kanji found on Japanese OTC medicines.

By 1 min read


Kanji Cheat Sheet: How to Use the Heating Function on your Air Conditioner in Japan

Stay cozy all throughout winter in Japan with this quick guide

By 4 min read