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Hilary Keyes

Originally from Niagara Falls, Canada, Hilary Keyes has lived in Tokyo for the past 14 years. A passionate renaissance woman, Hilary also works as a silver accessory designer and dabbles in painting and bonsai maintenance. You can invariably find her wandering about Harajuku, Shimokitazawa, and Koenji shopping and checking out the local color.



The Death Of Terrace House Cast Member Hana Kimura and Japan’s Mental Health Struggles

Cyberbullying, suicide, and the false reality of Reality TV.

By 7 min read


7 Places to See the First Sunrise of 2020 in Japan

An awesome tradition in Japan is "hatsuhinode," or viewing the first sunrise of the New Year.

By 6 min read


From ALT to Eikaiwa Instructor: 5 Practical Things to Consider

When changing teaching jobs in Japan, it’s vital to be as informed as possible about your options and what you can expect of your new career path in the eikaiwa industry.

By 6 min read