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Jacob Stroth

Jacob Stroth lives and works in Chiba as an English teacher. In his free time, he enjoys writing about all kinds of nerdy subjects — especially video games. He’s always looking for a new hobby or restaurant.



What is the Meaning of Weeaboo or Weeb?

Ever wondered what, “being a weeb” or, “God I really hate weeaboos” means? Let us educate you on this popular internet slang.

By 5 min read


Feel Like a Superstar at MariCar: Become a Go-Kart Guide on Your Working Holiday in Japan

If you’re thinking about taking a working holiday or looking for a part-time job in Japan, you have to check out this cool job as a go-kart guide with MariCar.

By 5 min read


5 of the Best Places For Craft Beer in Tokyo

Tap into a new drinking experience with a few of the best spots in the city for craft beer.

By 6 min read 1


7 Reasons Driving a Taxi in Japan is the Best Job You’ve Never Considered Before

A high salary, amazing experiences and freedom are just some of the sweet benefits of being a taxi driver with Hinomaru.

By 5 min read


Tokyo Fight Club: A New Friday Night Entertainment Experience

Live fights and ¥300 cocktails at this hybrid restaurant and entertainment venue that’s here to shakedown Tokyo nightlife.

By 3 min read


4 Places to Find Classic Video Games in Japan

Ready player one: It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.

By 5 min read 1