James Winovich

James is an ex-ALT turned translator/blogger who helps people have as much fun as possible while working in Japan. Whether you're having a tough time winning over a JTE or getting hired in the first place, James wants to help.



Why Foreign People?

What is it with foreigners who get on Japanese TV?

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The Strange Look That All Foreigners Will Get In Japan

The Look is what occasionally falls over a service worker’s face when they notice they are about to be forced to deal with you, a foreigner in Japan.

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There Is No Halfway

When it comes to their hobbies, the Japanese never go halfway.

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At an Undisclosed Izakaya Somewhere in Japan

Your mind makes a decision for you without your knowledge. For some reason you find yourself laughing as well.

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The Top 10 Kommandments of Karaoke

Thou shall obey the 10 Karaoke Kommandments to ensure everyone has a good time.

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The Strange Thing Foreigners In Japan Do When They See Each Other

What do you do when you see another foreigner?

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Making a Good Impression On Your First Day as an ALT

The season for sakura, spring vacation and new beginnings.

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2 Things You Need To Get Hired As An ALT In Japan

Tack a dose of enthusiasm to your college degree and you're halfway to working as an ALT job in Japan.

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