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Jenie Gabriel

An advertising copywriter by profession, Jenie quit her job in Singapore to become an English instructor and to seize the chance of living in her favorite megalopolis, Tokyo. Born and raised in the Philippines, she isn’t a big fan of winter but she has a big appetite for discovering new experiences and hideouts in the city. In her free time, she's usually glued to social networks or daydreaming about her next escapade.



Kita-Senju Walking Tour: Aimless Wanders Can Do Wonders

Take a stroll and find downtime minutes away from one of Tokyo’s busiest train hubs

By 3 min read


Brooklyn Parlor in Shinjuku: Find your Passions All in One Place

Music. Café. Books. Eats. Bar. Those five words under Brooklyn Parlor’s logo were enough to convince me to visit. This place has five of my favorite things!

By 3 min read 3


Gratify Your Mexican Cravings at Guzman Y Gomez

Chill and dine with your amigos at this casual Mexican restaurant in Harajuku

By 2 min read 2


The Other Side of Asakusa: Swing by Rox Dome Batting Stadium

Go beyond the touristy areas and hit some baseballs after dark.

By 3 min read