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Jes Kalled

Hailing from a small town in New Hampshire, U.S.A., Jes often finds herself getting lost in big cities (in the best way). In addition to taking long walks through concrete jungles and starting a somewhat low-key mismatched sock rebellion, Jes can be found at her computer in the wee hours of the morning editing her podcast, "Aliens and Moonbeams," illustrating, writing and making movies. She has big dreams and fully intends on making them come true.



Six Magic Spots in Little Edo: Must-Sees On a Day Trip to Kawagoe

This tiny Saitama town on the Seibu Railway line will transport you back into Japan’s feudal days with its picture-perfect historical architecture and sites.

By 8 min read


Pressing Pause on The Tokyo Rush with Two Days in Tottori

My brief escape to healing hot springs, deserts and mountains.

By 9 min read


Harajuku Design Festa Art Village: Where Art Meets Food Meets Friends

Gallery, café and restaurant; this bohemian art village welcomes everyone — students, teachers and professionals alike — to discuss, view and exhibit their work in a beautifully designed Harajuku setting

By 6 min read


A Ship with Summer Inside: Experiencing the Tokyo Bay Night Cruise

Join this joyous matsuri on the sea.

By 5 min read