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Joost Van Itterbeeck

Joost Van Itterbeeck is a scientist from Belgium whose expertise is edible insects. His scientific approach combines food psychology, geography, biology and history. He has studied the use of insects as human food and animal feed in the Netherlands, Laos and Japan, and currently for a project in Madagascar.



The Secret Life of Wasp Hunters in Japan

Wasp hunting in central Japan is not your average hobby, but locals here love it. Check out our crash course in wasp hunting and an introduction to the Nov. 3 edible wasp festival!

By 5 min read


3 Edible Japanese Insects for Autumn

It’s autumn — the best time to eat insects! Join GaijinPot as we take a gastronomical tour of bugs in the traditional cuisine of Gifu and Nagano prefectures.

By 6 min read