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Joyce Wan

Joyce is a freelance writer with a permanent soft spot for Japan since working as a Hokkaido JET from 2014-2016. She’s into travel, Japanese culture, art, and literature, as well as having at least one adventure per day. She’s currently based in Vancouver, Canada, where the ramen is almost as good.



Yosakoi: Why It’s My Favorite Japanese Festival

The many reasons why this exuberant and boundary-breaking Japanese festival tops my personal ranking.

By 4 min read


Teaching in Japan: An Ode to School Lunch

Many ALTs in elementary and junior high school will get to experience eating school lunch with their students. So what's it like?

By 5 min read


4 Women’s Rights Organizations You Can Support in Japan

Contrary to popular belief, feminism in Japan is alive, and there are ways that foreigners can contribute to it. Here are four organizations to get you started.

By 5 min read 5


8 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Moving to Japan

Hindsight is knowing not to eat and walk at the same time.

By 5 min read 9


Asian and Gaijin: What It’s Like to Be An Invisible Foreigner in Japan

What is it like to be an Asian foreigner in Japan? One writer shares her experiences of blending so far into the background that she became invisible.

By 7 min read 18


Asian Language School: Face-to-face Japanese Learning Any time, Any place

Instructor-led virtual classrooms transform your home into a real-life Japanese classroom, wherever you are in the world.

By 5 min read


Leaving Japan: An ALT’s Sayonara

An ALT says goodbye to a life she built in Japan without knowing it.

By 4 min read 2


Leaving Japan: Things You Need to Do

Leaving Japan, you'll have to deal with just as many bureaucratic procedures as when you first arrived. Here's a comprehensive checklist for the most stress-free sayonara possible.

By 7 min read 4