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Kelsey Leuzinger

I'm a Navy wife that got thrown into Japan by surprise, fell in love with the culture, and now will forever have a piece of my heart in this country.



Climbing Mt. Fuji: What to Expect

Peak climbing season for Mt. Fuji is July and August. Here's a quick rundown of what to expect on your first climb.

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Choosing Your Teaching Style

As you’re frantically job hunting for that “perfect” teaching position, take some of these environments into consideration.

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Finding Your Place as an English Teacher

When searching for a jobs, remember to think about your strengths before choosing an age group to work with.

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How to Make Yakiniku at Home

Yakiniku is easy, oishii, and is a great party meal where your guests can enjoy cooking at the table.

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Overcome Pronunciation Hurdles with Your Japanese Students

The more you understand your student, the better you can educate them; and pronunciation is no exception.

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Beautiful Otaru: A Trip to Remember in Hokkaido

A delightful trip to the small small harbor city of Otaru.

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6 Tips for Your First Private Language Lesson

What to Expect at Your First Coffee Shop English Lesson in Japan

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Meeting the Emperor of Japan at His Imperial Palace

Visiting the Emperor's residence on his birthday is a fun Japanese cultural and historical experience.

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40 Years of Hello Kitty: 4 Signs She’s Not Just for Kids Anymore

It's a Hello Kitty world and we just live in it.

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The World’s Tallest Tower: Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree is a fun experience any time of year. Make it a goal to take in this incredible sightseeing opportunity during your stay in Japan.

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