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Laura Gonzalez

Laura is a member of the GaijinPot team. Born in Cuba, raised in Miami and currently based in Tokyo. When not working you can find her either studying Korean in a cafe or swatching skincare products in any of the Japanese drug stores.



How to Use Japanese Counters

You can count on us to make Japanese counters easy! Let's sum of the basics with real-world examples.

By 2 min read


How Do Compound Kanji Make Japanese Idioms?

Learn how Japanese makes complex phrases and concepts with short characters.

By 3 min read


Radical Kanji: Intermediate Japanese for Understanding Kanji ‘Pieces’

Learn how to break down kanji into easier, bite-sized chunks.  

By 3 min read 1


Start Your Japanese Learning Journey Here: 20+ Easy Phrases for Beginners

Want to start learning Japanese? We have over 20 easy phrases that can help you get started with things like going out to eat or shopping!

By 5 min read 2