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Mark Kennedy

Mark Kennedy is a native of Chicago who has spent more than 20 years living, studying and working in Japan. He is now in charge of the Japanese subsidiary of an American company. Mark is a lifelong student of the Japanese language and culture and loves to travel throughout the country.



How To Say No In Japan

The art of saying no in Japan is a tricky one. At best what you will get is a long protracted maybe.

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Nan-no-Hana Marathon in Ibusuki, Japan

Whether you’re a die-hard marathon fanatic or a first-time challenger like me, the Nan-no-Hana Marathon is a great opportunity to test your physical and mental capabilities.

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The Art of the Japanese Business Introduction

As with many other business interactions, the social status of the people in the room has a direct influence on the proper order with which to introduce others.

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Escape the Heat for the Cool Mountain Air of Manza Onsen

Manza Onsen is a terrific getaway for anyone looking to get out of the city and back into nature, just watch out for bears!

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Japanese Business Hotels: The Frugal Alternative Used by Locals

Japanese business hotels are a great alternative to the larger expensive chain hotels.

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Yonmojijukugo: The 4 Kanji With A Thousand Meanings

The correct use of yonmojijukugo will often solicit a compliment concerning your proficiency with the language.

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How to Master the Japanese Client Dinner

Follow these simple rules of Japanese dining etiquette to impress your clients and build your business future.

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The Electrifying Ride on a Japanese Denchari

Not just for grocery moms, the electric bike trend is really taking off in Japan.

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