Mason Dayot

Hailing from Canada, Mason is an ALT and content creator who’s been living in Japan since 2016. He shares his experiences through comedic satire and skits via his YouTube channel maydaysan in JAPAN. He loves video games, music, and making people laugh.



Top Things to Do in Mie Prefecture: A Guide to Traveling in Central Japan

Watch GaijinPot explore the outdoor activities, unique spiritual experiences, and Unesco sites of Mie in our latest travel video.

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How Payday Works For An English Teacher in Japan

Moshiwake gozaimasen ya broke bimbo.

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Types of People You’ll See in Every Japanese School Staffroom

What is with that student that always barges in during the meeting?

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What Is It Like to Teach English in Japan?

This video about every ALTs first lesson at a Japanese school is so relatable it hurts.

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