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Mina Otsuka

Mina Otsuka is a translator and writer living in Tokyo. Partially raised in Southern California, she often misses the warm climate but not the Fahrenheit scale. She enjoys writing about the Japanese language and culture.



10 Nuanced Japanese Expressions for Advanced Learners

Understanding subtle, contextual nuances might be one of the most challenging aspects of language learning.

By 7 min read


5 Things I Wish My English Teachers Had Taught Me

Many Japanese students are eager to learn English, but not everything they want to know can be found in a textbook.

By 6 min read


What’s in a Name: Honorifics, Titles and Nicknames in Japan

How do Japanese people address each other at school and work?

By 4 min read


Soften The Blow: How to Make Your Japanese Sound More Polite

Simple tricks for speaking humble Japanese.

By 5 min read


Swearing in Japanese: Why Formal and Informal Speech Is Important

It’s not a word, but the delivery of the language that makes for insulting and derogatory speech.

By 4 min read