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Patrick Parr

Patrick Parr is a historian whose work has appeared in "The Atlantic," "The Japan Times" and "Kyoto Journal," among others. His first book, "The Seminarian: Martin Luther King Jr. Comes of Age," is a biography about MLK's life before the Montgomery Bus Boycott. When not writing, Patrick enjoys basketball, tennis and traveling with his wife around the Pacific Rim.



ComRezi is Revolutionizing the Apartment Experience in Tokyo

Karaoke. A fitness center. Lounge areas and a cafeteria. A new residential community in Akabane is offering students a unique living experience.

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5 National Parks Where You Can Explore Japan’s Great Outdoors

Whether you crave a multi-day outdoor adventure or simply want some natural beauty to restore the senses—Japan's majestic national parks await.

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The Mask Behind the Mask Culture in Japan

Japan's love affair with wearing the germ mask gives this author mixed feelings.

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All About the Fukuzawas: The Faces on Your Yen

You handle them everyday, but do you know who they are?

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