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Quincy B. Fox

A permanent resident of Japan with a degree in teaching, Quincy has been living and working in Kansai for over 8 years. She is very passionate about her adopted hometown, which is the funky and folksy heart and soul of Japan.



Osaka’s Ebessan Festival and its Beautiful Daughters

Our writer gets a behind-the-scenes look at the beautiful "Lucky Daughters" of the popular Ebessan festival in Osaka.

By 3 min read


Groovy Osaka: A Guide to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Fantastic entertainment and where to find it at Universal Studios Japan.

By 5 min read 2


Groovy Osaka: Beach? What Beach?

Want to soak up the sun this summer in and around Osaka? Then it's time to get out on the water.

By 3 min read


Groovy Osaka: July Summer Festivals

Get festive this July with Osaka's colorful array of summer festivals.

By 1 min read


Groovy Osaka: Celebrating the Milky Way

The Tanabata festival celebrates the perennial once-a-year meeting of two star-crossed lovers.

By 3 min read


Going Ape for the Japan Monkey Centre

If you love monkeys, Japan is a great place to see them both in the wild and in captivity. For a unique monkey experience, I would head to Inuyama in Aichi.

By 4 min read 2


Groovy Osaka: The Misono Building

Going down into the basement is like going back in time to a 1970s science fiction television show set mixed with a disco.

By 3 min read


Groovy Osaka: Free Plum Blossom Viewing

From the middle of February to the middle of March, there are many plum blossom festivals and viewing locations all over Japan.

By 4 min read 1


Seeing Red: Speed Cameras in Japan

Beware of these mobile tax collectors.

By 5 min read 4