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Rachel Hartwick

Shortly after graduating from a small-town university in the midwestern United States, Rachel tested out her “prioritize adventure” mantra. She hopped on a plane to start navigating adulthood for the first time in the least-visited prefecture of Japan—Fukui. Passionate about travel and writing, she’s always on the lookout for killer vegetarian dishes, new craft beer joints and trendy budget hostels.



Does Living in Japan Change the Way We Speak English?

Since moving abroad, you may have changed more than your residence status.

By 8 min read


10 More Essential Items for Your New Japanese Apartment

Moving to Japan can have its challenges. Equipping your new home with the basics shouldn't be one of them.

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7 Convenience Store Items for Vegetarians in Japan

A survival guide for meatless options in Japanese convenience stores.

By 5 min read


5 Craft Beer Festivals to Attend in Japan this Spring

Lovers of craft brew unite! As spring approaches celebrations of beer blossom!

By 6 min read


5 Tips for Women Traveling Solo in Japan

One of the world’s safest countries, Japan can still be daunting for lone female travelers.

By 9 min read