Raluca Boca

An architect and designer from Romania, Raluca was chosen from hundreds of contestants to be the lucky winner of a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Japan thanks to GaijinPot and Japan Airlines. She'll be guest blogging her adventures with the Japan Explorer Pass which lets you fly all over Japan for only ¥10,800.



Impressions of Japan: Nagasaki

Raluca's prize-winning adventure with the Japan Explorer Pass comes to an end in the city of Nagasaki; a drop of colorful ink on the map of Japan.

By 6 min read


Impressions of Japan: Osaka and Kyoto

In the third part of her adventure with the Japan Explorer Pass, Raluca travels to Osaka and Kyoto - cities each written in code.

By 4 min read


Impressions of Japan: Amami Oshima

Raluca explores the remote southern island of Amami Oshima in the second instalment of her journey around Japan with the Japan Explorer Pass.

By 5 min read


Impressions of Japan: Tokyo

This is not a journal. It’s a live fast-forward experience.

By 4 min read