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Randy Poehlman

Randy Poehlman is a teacher and an adventure travel writer and photographer. He is a Canadian national who has spent nearly a decade living and working in the Kansai region of Japan. He is frequently traveling, running marathons and trails, climbing, hiking, diving, golfing, skiing, kayaking and camping.



Over the Finish Line: Marathon Running in Japan

Here is everything you need to know to get started.

By 3 min read


Backcountry Skiing in Japan: ‘Powder Kingdoms’ in Hokkaido and Nagano

Nagano and Hokkaido are Japan's two "powder kingdoms." Both destinations are full of unique backcountry terrain that will challenge you at every level of your skiing, split boarding or snowboarding abilities.

By 5 min read


Divorce with Kids in Japan: The Stress of No Joint Child Custody

Advice, resources and why one writer wishes he would have prepared for the worst after divorce.

By 13 min read 2


Divorce with Kids in Japan: Her Mother Kidnapped Her

One father's story after hearing, 'You are never going to see your daughter again.'

By 5 min read