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Romano Brandi

Romano is an electric guitar rōnin who came to Japan for the cultural exchange but stayed for the deals at the Hard Off. When he’s not building guitar pedals, rewiring guitars or buying film cameras he’s actively lamenting the state of coffee and continental breakfasts in Japan.



Ten Essential Songs for Your Japanese Christmas Party

Wow (or is it torture?) your guests with this ultimate playlist of Japanese Christmas songs.

By 5 min read


Praised and Reused: A Guide to Buying New and Used Instruments in Japan

The best places to buy musical instruments in Japan. Rock on.

By 6 min read


4 Examples of Japanese Background Music and Where to Find Them

You hear it every single day everywhere in Japan but you have no idea how or why. This is Japanese background music or BGM.

By 5 min read 2


5 Amazing Japanese Albums You’ve Never Heard Of

Looking to discover more Japanese music? This guide covers some of the core sounds to come out of Japan over the past 50 years.

By 6 min read 6