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Talisker Scott Hunter

Talisker is a Japan enthusiast and aspiring freelance journalist. He skis when it snows, paints when he can and always thanks the bus driver.



How to Make a Survival Kit for Emergencies in Japan

Prepare your survival kit for emergencies in Japan with these essential items recommended by the government of Japan and more.

By 6 min read


I Tried Traveling Japan for $30 Per Day, Here’s What I Learned

Japan may have a reputation for being expensive, but for the hardy (and stingy) is it possible to travel the country for cheap?

By 5 min read 1


Hitchhiking in Japan: Sado Island and The Kindness of Strangers

Off the coast of Niigata Prefecture, two foreigners explore Sado Island in the company of strangers.

By 5 min read