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Victoria Vlisides

Victoria is an American-based journalist. After living in Japan for five years, she's always got travel on the brain. And of course this question: Do we shape culture or does culture shape us?



5 Updates to Know About Queer Eye: We’re in Japan! Coming to Netflix Nov. 1

The U.S. got Marie Kondo’ed. Now, it’s time for Japan to get Queer Eye’ed. Arigato, Netflix!

By 5 min read


6 Tips To Start the Post-ALT Job Hunt in Japan

Set yourself up for meaningful employment outside the English teaching industry in Japan.

By 9 min read


3 Things Working Women In Japan Deserve More Than White Day Chocolate

Giri-choco is nice, but we want something much cheaper: respect.

By 7 min read


Anti Immigrants Day in Japan Met By Counter Protests with Ties to Antifa

What happened when the far-right and anti-fascists collided last Sunday.

By 7 min read


How To Fall In Love With Oita, Japan, in 25 Photos

Tokyo seemed like a vapid beast after three days in Oita Prefecture.

By 8 min read


The Japanese Summer as an ALT Without Air Conditioning at School

What it's like working in these ungodly hot schools — explained in 10 gifs.

By 2 min read


Is It Coffee or Tea? What You Need to Know About Japan’s New ‘Tea Coffee’ Drink

This new hybrid drink released in Japan last week hints at the fact that we might be missing something in our lives, so we had to find out more.

By 3 min read


36 Hours in Tottori

How does this tiny prefecture with a population of less than 600,000 make you feel so connected to a culture that isn’t your own? Hope you’re up for the answer and 36 hours of discovery in Tottori.

By 6 min read


Japan’s Schools Are In Total Denial Over Diversity

The term “hafu” in Japan means being half-Japanese. With increasing diversity in Japan’s classrooms, the Hafu2Hafu project is a way to educate students (and ourselves) about cultural identity.

By 7 min read