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Yumi Nakata

I grew up in a small town in Japan and moved to Southern California where I graduated with a degree in Sociology. I have stayed connected with Japan through tutoring and writing on my blog. I look forward to connecting with people interested in my culture and language.



Japanese Double Eyelid Surgery

What are double eyelids and why do so many Japanese girls want them?

By 3 min read 123


What Does Gaijin Really Mean?

Are Japanese people being racist by referring to foreigners as gaijin?

By 3 min read 22


The Honesty and Facade of Honne and Tatemae

What they say and what they mean are not always the same.

By 4 min read 24


Uchi Soto and Japanese Group Culture

Uchi Soto is the Japanese custom of a clear distinction between in-groups (uchi, 内) and out-groups (soto, 外).

By 3 min read 62


The Act Of Gift Giving In Japan

Gift giving is a great way to strengthen your personal or professional relationship with each other in Japan.

By 2 min read 13


Growing Up As A Hafu In Japan

We are not Hāfu, we are double because both cultural and ethnic heritages make us who we are.

By 4 min read 155


The Curious Japanese Obsession With Blood Types

Are you hot headed? Cool and calm? Your personality might be determined by the type of red stuff flowing through your veins.

By 2 min read 61


15 Things That Surprised Me About Japan

Your first trip to Japan is always going to be a unique experience. Here's 15 things my friends noticed when they first came here.

By 5 min read 73


Ryutaro Nonomura: The Japanese Crying Politician

What caused Japanese politician Ryutaro Nonomura to suddenly lose it at his press conference on misappropriation of funds?

By 3 min read 2


Why Do The Japanese Love Kawaii Culture?

Why do Japanese people love the kawaii so much?

By 3 min read 26


Why Can’t Japanese People Speak English?

Despite many years of study, many Japanese students struggle with basic communication in English.

By 2 min read 271


How to Overcome the Gaijin Complex

The gaijin complex is an interesting social phenomenon unique to Japan. What can Japan do to welcome foreigners and be a bigger part of the global community?

By 3 min read 33